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  • 21/04/2017

Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 43

Hello everybody! Today we’re back to talk about the extraordinary Earthmax family, BKT’s radial tire lineup especially developed to favor the optimum weight distribution on the ground for dumpers, wheel loaders, dozers, graders and some multipurpose vehicles. So, let us introduce you ...

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Where to get the part number for the tire I want?

I am trying to order tires for my tractor. It is a 14.9-24 tire I need. I was looking at the 14.9-24 TR135 tire. BKT seems to offer 6 different versions. I want the HD 8 ply 128A6. The issue is that I don't know what part number I am trying to order, and my dealer can order them by P/N but can't assure which of the tires that part number is. He says he always just orders the cheapest one in the size... Not super bright... Help? Thanks. Charles