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  • 07/04/2016

Soil conservation techniques

Do you remember when we focused on soil compaction? Today, we are going a step further, suggesting you the six best techniques to preserve the land, in spite of erosion and environmental devastations that kept occurring with the transition from the old to the new century. Soil erosion is the mo...

by BKT Tires | World and Machinery
  • 04/04/2016

Waiting for… Bauma!

The long-awaited BAUMA is back on April 11, 2016: the World’s leading trade show for professionals and operators in the construction, industrial and mining sectors. Every three years Bauma is the place where innovations from all over the world are displayed. BAUMA 2016 is just around the ...

by BKT Tires | Exhibitions
  • 30/03/2016

Made in BKT: Power Trax HD (FL)

Dear readers, the curtain rises for another BKT tire. Starring today is Power Trax HD (FL), a tire specifically designed for forklifts. All the spotlights are on the tire while it faces and masters the demanding challenges of the industrial world, in warehouses and logistics centers. Let&rs...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 25/03/2016

Having a chat with Mart Munsters Loon & Groondverzetbedrijf

Ready, set, go! Once again, we’re travelling around the world, looking for stories told by our users. Today our trip takes us to Holland, namely to Panningen. Here we have the pleasure to visit Mart Munsters Loon & Groondverzetbedrijf, an earth-moving company. Looking for an alternative...

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  • 3 Years, 5 Months, 14 Hours, 54 Minutes ago

Made in BKT: Agrimax RT 765

Dear readers, here we are back to talk about another member of the large Agrimax family, BKT’s tire lineup, which provides great comfort and safety, in your daily operations in the fields. Today, let us become familiar with one of the most appreciated Agrimax patterns, the second most click...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 15/03/2016

Made in BKT: Ridemax IT 696

Hi again dear readers! Today, we’re going to focus on Ridemax IT 696, another top product in BKT’s large tire lineup. Can you think of a farmer who wouldn’t wish to have a reliable, high-performing, fast tire - 365 days a year and suitable for any job? Good news, your dream com...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 11/03/2016

Made in BKT: Multimax MP 522

Welcome back, dear readers! Today we are presenting you Multimax MP 522, a multi-purpose radial tire developed for manifold agro-industrial applications. This tire proves to be strong, aggressive and tireless on any terrain! Hard to believe? Let’s take a closer look. All “roads&r...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 09/03/2016

RFID Technology: Applications on Construction Sites

Trucks and loaders warning the operator when exceeding the speed limit; smart means, tools and equipment communicating the name of the operator and time of use...  Just imagine the big map of a construction site on a display board where you can watch live men and machinery move as well as for...

by BKT Tires | World and Machinery
  • 03/03/2016

Made in BKT: Agrimax Elos

Dear readers, we are pleased to present you today another member of the Agrimax family, BKT’s tire lineup designed as a response to the most particular needs of our farming friends. Let’s say hello to Agrimax Elos! Your job is on wet terrain such as paddy fields, on muddy land or mars...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 01/03/2016

Compact Loaders: top features of the latest models

Small, versatile, essential...that’s how many of our users describe a compact loader. For their dimensions, maneuverability and price these tiny miniature loaders, are among the most requested earthmoving equipment on the market. Being extremely versatile, they can be used in any sector and...

by BKT Tires | World and Machinery
  • 26/02/2016

Made in BKT: Agrimax RT 855

We are back again to talk about another member from the Agrimax tire family, BKT’s tire lineup designed to make your life in the fields more comfortable. Agrimax RT 855 has been mainly designed for soil tillage and field and road transport but some sizes are also suitable for row crops, spr...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 24/02/2016

Soil Compaction: how to avoid it

Today let’s talk about soil compaction! A serious issue for many farmers as compacted soil has adverse effects on yields. Heavy equipment can cause damages to the soil structure reducing the ability to hold and conduct water, oxygen and nutritional substances that are essential for the growt...

by BKT Tires | World and Machinery
  • 18/02/2016

Made in BKT: Loader Special L-5

Dear readers, today we are entering the world of OTR. In particular, let’s talk about loaders operating in a tough and dangerous environment. A continuous challenge not only for users, but also for tires. Isn’t this vision a nightmare: cut and worn tires, defeated by rocky and irregula...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 09/02/2016
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Hot, warm or cold? How temperature affects tire pressure

We’ve already seen how regular tire maintenance not only improves your tires’ performance record, but actually increases durability. Of all the precautions and methods regarding tire care, the most important by far is regular pressure checks: optimal pressure (recommended by the manufa...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 04/02/2016

Made in BKT: Maglift

Today we are entering the amazing world of logistics. In particular, let’s talk about tires and equipment operating in huge warehouses where they move heavy and precious loads every day – often not without risks. Yes, you guessed it. It’s forklifts we are talking about - these co...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 29/01/2016

Made in BKT: Agrimax Spargo

There is one thing our farming friends know too well: every field and each type of crops needs the right agricultural equipment and so the right tire. Just think of vineyards or row crops … how could one of these modern, “giant” and high-powered tractors pass through the rows wi...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 26/01/2016

Intelligent Excavators

When it comes to buying a new excavator for your construction company, what factors do you consider first? Brand? Price? Performance? Today, we’d like to give you an overview of the latest news in "intelligent excavators" and their features. We are also going to take a close look...

by BKT Tires | World and Machinery
  • 22/01/2016

Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 22

Today, let us become familiar with Earthmax SR 22, another member of the large Earthmax family - our radial tire lineup designed for earthmoving machinery that operate on the most challenging terrain surfaces such as large construction sites, quarries and mines. Earthmax SR 22 is a very versatile...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 15/01/2016

Monster Jam Tricks

Over the last few weeks (months, that is!), we have talked about Monster Jam and the tires we designed for these monstrous vehicles that perform extraordinary and breathtaking stunts. You will certainly remember that at the last Agritechnica show, we set up a real Monster Stand taking a giant Mon...

by BKT Tires | Events
  • 12/01/2016

Made in BKT: RIB 713

What impact has soil compaction on yields in agriculture? The answer is quite a lot! Our farming fans know all too well that hard ground compacted by heavy machinery loses fertility and that means less productivity for farms. Yet, this is the problem modern agriculture faces today. In order to wo...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 28/12/2015

What else to make out of old tires?

Worn tires disposal is a topic we have already discussed over the past months. So, we have seen what happens to more than three million tons of worn tires in Europe, which are dismantled, disposed of and reused: to produce raw material in the construction industry, i.e. acoustic and thermal ins...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 02/01/2016

Made in BKT: Airomax AM 27

We are back again today to give you some insights into one of our industrial tires. Let’s move to the world of construction, a sector for which we have developed several tire ranges. One of these is  the outstanding Airomax AM 27 – a BKT tire designed for mobile cranes at constru...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 10/12/2015

Used tractors: how to choose the right one?

Owners of small farms, a good way to renew your fleet without making a huge investment is by buying a second-hand or used tractor that is more powerful, more modern and more efficient. But this is where the dilemma starts: what should you consider when buying a second-hand tractor? We’...

by BKT Tires | World and Machinery
  • 03/12/2015

Our tires at work: OTR and Industrial applications

Today, we’d like to take you on a short but powerful journey around the world in order to give you a closer look at our tires hard at work! We are going to show you a series of snapshots of our customers using BKT tires. We’ll find out which tires are mounted and what hard-hitting task...

by BKT Tires | World and Machinery
  • 01/12/2015

Watch out for mismatched tires! Part 2

Welcome back to our informative post about the issue of mismatched tires. This time, we are going to have a closer look at duals. Matching tire OD on duals Of course, it is also very important to match tire OD/circumference on dual tire fitments. As with drive tire mismatching, the smaller tire ...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 26/11/2015

Watch out for mismatched tires! Part 1

Nowadays, heavy equipment is a big expense in construction and mining operations. The million dollar question is: how to minimize the effects of mismatched tires on your loaders, articulated dump trucks, rigid haul trucks, motor graders, scrapers and other pneumatic tired equipment. Let’s hi...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 24/11/2015

Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 30

We are back to talk to you about our Earthmax lineup of radial tires designed for earthmoving machinery - dumpers, wheel loaders, dozers, graders and multipurpose vehicles – that operate on the most challenging terrain surfaces such as large construction sites, quarries and mines. The All St...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 17/11/2015

Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 45

We are back again today to talk about a new addition to the large BKT tire family. Getting an inside look into the wonderful world of earthmoving machinery and notably Earthmax SR 45. Like other tires in the range, Earthmax SR 45 is a radial tire, built with an All Steel structure and multi-ply s...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 13/11/2015

Made in BKT: RIDEMAX IT 697 M+S

It's time for Agritechnica! The world’s largest fair for agricultural machinery and equipment is getting under way, and BKT could not miss out. Not only will you be able to see and touch our tires, but you can also  get up close and climb into a real Monster Truck!  With its i...

by BKT Tires | Products
  • 11/11/2015

BKT captures Hanover

We are back at Agritechnica, the world’s largest fair for agricultural machinery and equipment. Every two years we stop over in Hanover to unveil our latest news and novelties. You wonder, what’s up this year? In perfect BKT style, we’ve set up a real Monster booth!   ...

by BKT Tires | Exhibitions