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Made in BKT: Port King Plus

Dear readers, today we are focusing on the logistics sector and intermodal transport in particular. We are proud of presenting you a sovereign master in its field: Port King PlusWhy does this tire deserve scepter and crown? Let’s find out!

The Number One tire for reach stackers

Port King Plus has been designed for reach stackers, a strong and robust type of equipment making cargo handling in port applications safer and more productive.

Why is it essential to choose the right tires for a reach stacker? For all types of container handlers, tires play an essential role in terms of safety. So, think thoroughly and make your choice.

You are asking why you should choose Port King Plus. We won’t keep you in suspense. Here we go, everything you need to know about this tire.

First of all: reliability

Tires play an essential role, since they are the connecting element between the ground and the vehicle. Therefore, a reach stacker’s reliability virtually relies on the tire.

What turns Port King Plus into the sovereign master in the logistics sector? A deep tread with sturdy lugs, made of a special compound, providing excellent durability and an extended tire life-cycle. The result is longer tire wear and reduced downtime. This means Port King Plus has a positive impact on both performance and efficiency during operations.

But that’s not all. Actually, there is another Port King Plus version called “GCRC”. What’s that, you’ll ask. GCRS stands for groove crack resistant compound, i.e. a particularly resistant compound limiting the formation of cracks in the tread grooves.

In a nutshell, the key features constant performance, durability and reliability throughout all container handling and intermodal transport operations make Port King Plus a sovereign master in its field.

What do you think about it? Isn’t this tire a real king?

  • BktSocialTeam
  • 14/10/2016

Hello Wkyong, Thank you for your message. It is hard to suggest you a tire without knowing the specific condition of the working site, vehicle's typology, and kind of operations. Basically, Port King Plus is the updated version of Port King tire, which has been improved with new compounding technology. The GCRC version has been especially developed to reduce the lug base cracks for those applications and countries where this feature is normally requested. We encourage you to contact our local distributor in your country for more technical information. If you may need further information, please contact us at technical@bkt-tires.com Best regards, BKT Social Media Team

  • wkyong
  • 12/10/2016

Hi, I have used the PortKing for my fleet of container handler before.... i did realise now you have this portking plus and also variance for the GCRC. i am puzzle over this variation and how good they are more superior to each other. can you highlight the "plus" and laso "GCRC". as other brand of options here also have continental (container master), trellerborg (t-800), infinity, Advance (china), techking (china). We used many of this 18.00 in our rental fleet as well as those fleet we take care for our customers in port and depot. please share so i can understand better for next year projection