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Agricultural Tires

In this section you will find all discussions about AG tire features and applications.
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OTR and Industrial Tires

In this section you can find all discussions about OTR and industrial tires: characteristics, applications, curiosity etc.
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Farm Machinery and Equipment

Everything you need to know about tractors, agricultural machinery and implements.
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Agriculture Techniques

If you have any questions or suggestions about agricultural techniques, this is the section for you!
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Repair Tips / SOS Mechanic

This section is for sharing repair tips & tricks for your tires and machinery.
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Talks and Tips

General discussions about Off-Highway tires and about your everyday work life (News, weather, experiences etc.)
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Lawn and Garden

In this section you can find discussions and topics related to Lawn and Garden machinery.
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Health and Safety

For the general discussion on safety rules and behaviours while working.

Most active threads

Storage during wintertime

Yes i have storage and we all should have some storage there. Regards:- Soil Testing Company

What you need to know about tractor tires

I wonder what information that one needs to know to read a tractor tire? I think that we need to consider the following: The size of the tire. The size of the rim. The overall diameter. The maximum load the tire can handle. The type of the tire (radial or bias) What do you think? ___________ login, combat reloaded game


Does the rolling direction matter in radial agricultural tires? Crossing tires (left with right, front with rear) make them wear faster?

Turf or AG tires?

Turf tires or AG tires? Which are better?


Have you ever bought tractor tires online?