Having a chat with Mart Munsters Loon & Groondverzetbedrijf 1
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Having a chat with Mart Munsters Loon & Groondverzetbedrijf

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Once again, we are taking you to meet one of our users: let's go to to Holland, to visit Mart Munsters Loon & Groondverzetbedrijf, an earth-moving company.

Ready, set, go! Once again, we’re travelling around the world, looking for stories told by our users. Today our trip takes us to Holland, namely to Panningen. Here we have the pleasure to visit Mart Munsters Loon & Groondverzetbedrijf, an earth-moving company.

Looking for an alternative

After years of supremacy, even the most prestigious tire brands step down their pedestal, especially if we’re talking about niche markets. John van Leunen, manager of Mart Munsters Loon & Groondverzetbedrijf recounts: “Premium brands are more and more withdrawing from niche markets, such as the agricultural and the off-road (OTR) sectors, making way for new and enthusiastic companies like BKT, founded in 1987. BKT tires actually have become well-known by many operators in the agricultural, industrial and OTR sectors, and are today a proper alternative to the products of the mammoth companies in the traditional tire market.”

Earthmax SR 30 stands for maximum performance!

John van Leunen has chosen Earthmax SR 30 for his wheel loaders: all the power of an All Steel radial tire, ideal for the harshest operating conditions, such as those you can find on big construction sites, in caves and mines. But let’s listen to someone who has already tested it in the fields:

“To be more precise, it’s Earthmax SR 30 size 23, 5R 25 we’re talking about,” Harrie Schroijen of Agriband, BKT’s Dutch distributor says. – „A tire with an even more resistant casing and a multi-layer steel belt, offering maximum stability, to vehicles like wheel loaders, but even dozers and dumpers, thanks to its special shoulder design. The “max” in Earthmax stands for maximum performance and maximum load capacity.”

After this testimonial, it seems that Earthmax SR 30 has all the necessary requirements to do very well even on the roughest terrains. But that’s not all!

Stronger machinery, stronger tires

The real reason, why the Dutch company has chosen BKT, is clear, as Leunen tells us: “More powerful vehicles need more powerful tires, and BKT has developed high-performance tires for any needs. Some of the patterns do even reach 3 meters of diameter, a size that many manufacturers cannot offer.”

In short, it seems that we have supplied Leunen the perfect OTR tires for the machinery he uses in his job. And we haven’t said all about the Earthmax SR 30 features, yet: “They provide  considerable fuel economy as well as excellent self-cleaning properties. All this turns into a longer product life-cycle along with maximum efficiency.”

And you, have you already tried it out? Tell us your opinion, we might come and visit right you for our next interview! 

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