Spring is here | Are your tires ready for action?

Spring is here | Are your tires ready for action?

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Ever heard the expression that prevention is the best cure? Well, this is also true when it comes to tire maintenance. Here we share our top tips for maintaining your tires during the winter months.

“Do not ask what your tires can do for you, but what you can do for your tires.” Well, at least during the winter! When your machines remain stationary for several winter months, there are small operations you can do to ensure correct maintenance of your agricultural tires.

For all farms, agricultural tires (both radial tires and bias tires) are indeed major investments in equipment. So, proper care is essential and allows problems to be solved before they even occur.

As always, BKT’s experts are here to assist you! Here are some of the main operations the BKT technical team recommends implementing during and after the winter.


Increased pressure

When very heavy machines are being stationary for a long time, it would be ideal to lift them from the ground and remove or replace the tires in order to avoid putting any pressure on them. Alternatively, it is necessary to over-inflate the tires to prevent them from flat spotting.

If a tire flattens out during the winter, it can cause annoying phenomena such as bouncing when restarting in the spring. By increasing the tire pressure while the machines are not in operation, the flat spotting phenomenon is reduced to a minimum.


Check the pressure

One important thing to remember is always to check the tire pressure before the season begins. Then, you can set the correct pressure before starting to use the machines.

Now, perhaps you are asking yourself: What is the best tire pressure for off roading and in the field?

You can find the right pressure by checking the value indicated in the relative tables. The external temperature affects the pressure, so therefore it is essential to check it periodically.

If in doubt, BKT’s expert team is here to assist you.


Always care for your tires

How long do tractor tires last? That depends on how well you treat your tires. And the care and maintenance continue also after the spring season has started. There are some practical measures that really can make a difference:

  • Select tires suitable for the load, speed, and working conditions
  • Before starting to work, check for debris trapped in the tread and remove it
  • Monitor and track tire performance, the conditions in which the tires operate, and any changes that may occur
  • Pay attention to the ground conditions as well as the intended application to ensure that you are using the correct type of tires
  • Check the correct tire pressure on a daily basis

In other words: The maintenance of your tires is a daily task. Good tire maintenance means increased safety and better performance. The message from BKT is clear: Always care for your tires - in winter as well. 

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