What else to make out of old tires?

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Have you ever thought what a tire can become in the hands of a creative talent? Today we want to give you a clue: interior design, gardening, children playgrounds and even artwork. Take a look.

Worn tires disposal is a topic we have already discussed over the past months. So, we have seen what happens to more than three million tons of worn tires in Europe, which are dismantled, disposed of and reused:

  • to produce raw material in the construction industry, i.e. acoustic and thermal insulation material, asphalt for road surfaces, rubber protection barriers for train and tram railways or PVC surfaces, and bituminous surfaces and membranes;
  • as fuel for generating energy: without  CO2   or heavy metal emissions into the atmosphere, granular rubber generates the same thermal power as coal.

Yet, a small part of worn tires finds a different and much more original destination. Have you ever seen what a tire becomes in the hands of a creative talent? Today we want to give you a clue.

Various objects can be created from dismantled tires and their components that have nothing to do with tractors, vehicles or other equipment.

Interior design

Would you have ever thought that old tires, accurately cleaned, processed and decorated, could become unique pieces of design? Take a look at this object found on the Web.


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Using your working tools and a few creative ideas, you can spend your time in some handicrafts to create small tables, stools or even hassocks. An original idea for a new piece of interior design in your living room.


If you don’t mind “getting your hands dirty”, you could use your old tires and make your children happy by creating carousels, games and swings to be installed in your garden. Draw inspiration from these creations.

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And if you are thinking of a gift for your wife or partner, you can make vase holders or flower boxes out of the tires to turn your garden or balcony into something really special. Here are some examples.

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If you think that has already been amazing so far, listen to this: Tires can also become artworks! Unbelievable, don’t you agree? Browsing the web we have found the work of the Korean artist, Ji Yong-Ho, who uses worn tires as his favorite raw material to create extraordinarily awesome statues.

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