Maintenance tips for compact loaders

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5 simple tips to help you reduce downtimes and maximize productivity of your compact loader.

Better safe than sorry! Versatility, sturdy design, high transport speed and low-consumption engines: compact loaders are equipment that ensure huge advantages in multiple situations.

But how to care for your equipment in order to maintain the same levels of productivity and efficiency over time? Below are some best practices concerning the maintenance of your compact loader! 5 simple tips to help you reduce downtimes and maximize productivity.

1. Daily inspection

Before and after the job, it is always a good rule to thoroughly inspect your compact loader.

Make sure the operator's visibility is not impaired, and inspect all safety components: lights, safety belts, alarms and rear-view mirrors. Is everything all right and in place? Then you can start working. Lastly, remember to carry out a final inspection at the end of your work shift too, leaving the compact loader as you found it.

2. Cleaning … is the key!

At the end of a long work day, it is crucial to properly clean your machine. Remove all dirt, dust and accumulated debris. Are you sure you have removed all residuals from the cooling devices? For guaranteed efficiency, take one last look and you will sleep a lot easier!

3. Check the filters

Every 50 hours of operation, in other words about once a week, it is advisable to make sure that all fluids are under control. Check the engine oil, the brake fluid, the hydraulic cylinders and the other accessories for any sign of wear. Turn to a professional for cleaning or replacing the filters, making sure that the new filters are the type recommended by the manufacturer, and for lubricating joints and bearings. If you remember to carry out these operations, your compact loader will certainly have a longer service life.

4. Check the engine

Today, the composition of engine oil is designed to make machine components last longer and thus cut down on the number of routine maintenance jobs. However, when working at high pressures, these supply systems must be extremely precise, since even low levels of contamination may cause serious problems and damages to your machine.

5. Take into account the accessories too

The compact loader can be fitted with many accessories, which are necessary in order to be able to carry out different jobs and thus make the most of the versatility offered by this piece of equipment. Nevertheless, more accessories mean more maintenance operations and, last but not least, more risks since the hydraulic connectors of the loader are more exposed to dust and debris.

So, it is a good rule to make sure that the connections are clean and to always pay attention in order to avoid contaminating the hydraulic system each time an accessory is used.

BKT recommends… Multimax MP 522

Even the tires are called to do their part! In this logic of durability and extended tire life-cycle, BKT recommends Multimax MP 522 for compact loaders.

This is a multi-purpose radial tire that guarantees excellent traction during any operation. Stability and high load capacity are the strengths of this tire, together with exceptional puncture resistance.

We have seen then, how the service life and conditions of compact loaders can be improved with simple daily or weekly maintenance procedures. Pretty easy, don’t you think? 

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