BKT’s high-end range of radial agricultural tires, developed to increase farmers’ business productivity. The Agrimax tire range includes the ultimate tires for high-power tractors, high-performance tractors, harvesters, sprayers and spreaders. Whatever your farming application is, the Agrimax tire range offers top performance always providing the best protection to your fields.


    BKT’s extensive range of radial OTR tires, designed to withstand even the harshest operating conditions in quarries, mines and construction sites. Enhanced by the common feature of a strong All Steel structure conferring the tire casing durability and excellent resistance against impacts, the Earthmax range of radial OTR tires is ideal to be fitted on dumpers, graders, loaders, dozers, on/off trucks and load haul dumps.


    BKT’s specialized range of radial port tires, able to meet the demanding requirements in logistics and port handling applications. The Portmax tire lineup includes the ultimate tires for reach stackers and straddle carriers. Strong and solid under the toughest operating conditions, these port tires handle even the heaviest loads maintaining excellent stability.


    BKT’s wide range of radial MPT tires, conceived to cover a large variety of manifold agro-industrial applications. These versatile all-round talents of MPT tires can perform in many challenging environments on different kinds of surfaces. The Multimax range is ideal to be fitted on telehandlers, compact loaders, backhoe loaders and universal vehicles.


    BKT’s range of radial crane tires, ideal for the most demanding construction applications. Since crane tires are subject to stress and extreme usage conditions, an essential feature of the Airomax tire range is to provide excellent heat resistance. High speed during road transfers and reliability in lifting operations make the Airomax tire range the right choice for your cranes.


    BKT’s tire range of radial transport tires, ideal for both field and road-haulage operations. As a response to the increasing demand for farmers’ profitability, the Ridemax tire range allows to carry heavy loads at higher speed to increase the productivity of cutting-edge large farming equipment. The Ridemax range is suitable to be fitted on trailers, tankers and spreaders.


Manufacturing Technology

Talent for innovation is a core competency of the BKT Research and Development Division and one of our company’s strengths. Investments in R&D are a fundamental key to success to compete in a complex global market with rapidly evolving needs. For this reason, we invest about 3.5% of our annual sales into R&D.


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