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BKT tires are entirely manufactured in India at our three main production sites in Aurangabad, Western India, and Bhiwadi and Chopanki situated in North India. In addition to these, there is our mold production plant in Dombivali, north of Mumbai, and our new production site of Bhuj, in the Gujarat region in Western India.

Aurangabad (Western India)
BKT’s first production plant opened in 1988. After the initial production of conventional tires for two and three-wheeled vehicles, cars, jeeps, and light trucks, in 1995 the production of Off-Highway tires for international markets started off. Today, the Aurangabad plant mainly produces tires for material loading and handling vehicles, and conventional tires for the industrial sector.

Bhiwadi (North India)
At this production site, set up in 2002, the focus lies on the production of radial tires for agriculture, and conventional tires for applications in agriculture, earthmoving and the industrial sector.

Dombivali (north of Mumbai)
In 2004, the tire mold production plant was set up leading to major autonomy, and both production and final product control.

Chopanki (near Delhi, Northern Rajasthan)
In 2006, a third production site was set up. It is completely specialized in the production of All Steel radial tires for the industrial and OTR sectors.

Bhuj (Western India)
Opened in 2013, our most recent production site represents the state of the art in modern industrial plants. Extending over 300 acres, the new plant is able to reach a production output of 120,000 tons a year at full capacity. Off-Highway tires for all market segments such as agricultural, construction and industrial vehicles as well as earthmoving, port and mining, ATV, and gardening applications are going to roll off the Bhuj production lines. In addition to cutting-edge production technologies, Bhuj also encloses large warehouse areas equipped with advanced facilities. The site enjoys a geographically strategic position near major communication roads and commercial ports in order to deliver products in the shortest possible time.

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