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Our Business

We are a leading manufacturer in the Off-Highway tire market. Serving both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and the replacement market, we have focused on specialty segments such as agricultural, industrial vehicles as well as earthmoving, construction, port, mining, and ATV, gardening applications.  

As a global specialty tire supplier, our strength is the extensive Off-Highway tire lineup of over 2,300 products. It is the key to our success, enabling us to meet the application needs of both end users and vehicle manufacturers. 

We have fielded specific product lines for several fields of applications:

We offer a large range of products for the agricultural and forestry sector:

  • all types of tractor tires
  • agricultural machinery tires
  • agricultural trailer tires
  • tires for tractors employed for plowing, seeding and harvesting any kind of crops
  • specially developed tires for forestry
  • forestry tires
  • tires designed for tractors and vehicles employed in road cleaning and maintenance works
  • tires for equipment employed in maintenance and cleaning services of green areas and lawns.

We have developed several product lines for the industrial and earthmoving sector:

  • wheel loader tires
  • digger tires
  • wheeled dozer tires
  • scraper tires
  • backhoe loader tires
  • trailer tires
  • loader tires
  • tires for every type of equipment employed for the construction, building and mining sector.

We offer several lines for material loading and handling:

  • dumper tires
  • tires suitable for any type of forklift
  • forklift tires
  • reach stacker tires
  • crane tires
  • scraper tires
  • backhoe loader tires
  • tires for port applications and container handling.

BKT also deals with the segments for municipality services, ATV and golf club applications. Our offer includes:

  • tires for All Terrain Vehicles ATV
  • lawn & garden equipment tires
  • quad tires
  • go kart tires
  • golf cart tires

by BKT Tires