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Social Responsibility

At BKT, we have always been committed to run our business in a socially responsible manner paying attention to our employees’ quality of life and well-being. The full respect of human and workers’ rights are vital values which have been our companion since the establishment of the company. 

At all our sites, we have put into practice a production and business model in line with Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) standards. We have been investing consistent means to make our facilities always more self-contained in terms of energy efficiency. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact and enabling the community to experience a significant improvement in their quality of life.

A brilliant example of Corporate Social Responsibility is our production site in Bhuj: a social factory hosting a housing colony for our employees and their families, a hospital, a fire brigade station, a large recreational center, a school and a guest house.

BKT’s social responsibility also extends to the surrounding communities. We have sustained numerous projects aiming at improving health and hospital facilities in neighboring towns: we have donated to the hospital of Aurangabad, West India, a surgical intensive care unit named after the Poddar family. We have also financed the purchase of medical material as well as two ambulances. We have supported Doctor Ramakanta Panda, one of the most illustrious heart surgeons in India, in a project which has led to the heart valve replacement surgery being introduced in the Mumbai hospital. Besides, through our donation, the purchase of technologically advanced devices for the treatment of patients with heart and respiratory diseases has been financed at the Mumbai hospital.

BKT supports the education of young people by offering free education to 800 Indian girls at a school in the state of Rajasthan close to the production plants of Bhiwadi and Chopanki in Northern India. BKT also supports the post-secondary education of brilliant Indian students at prestigious colleges or universities in India and abroad.

The BKT values of ethics and social responsibility run deep across our organization even at an individual level. Our employees are personally involved in the community life. For instance, they take part in the company’s blood donation program, and every year they participate in the Mumbai marathon for charitable purposes.

BKT’s charitable activities go beyond the Indian borders. At international level, we have sustained Make-a-Wish projects with donations for two consecutive years. The foundation of the same name realizes wishes and dreams of terminally ill children or affected by serious diseases. 

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