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  • BKT tires are entirely manufactured in India at our three main production sites in Aurangabad, Western India, and Bhiwadi and Chopanki situated in North India. In addition to these, there is our mold production plant in Dombivali, north of Mumbai, and our new production site of Bhuj, in the Gujarat region in Western India.

    Aurangabad (Western India)
    BKT’s first production plant opened in 1988. After the initial production of conventional tires for two and three-wheeled vehicles, cars, jeeps, and light trucks, in 1995 the production of Off-Highway tires for international markets started off. Today, the Aurangabad plant mainly produces tires for material loading and handling vehicles, and conventional tires for the industrial sector.

    Bhiwadi (North India)
    At this production site, set up in 2002, the focus lies on the production of radial tires for agriculture, and conventional tires for applications in agriculture, earthmoving and the industrial sector.

    Dombivali (north of Mumbai)
    In 2004, the tire mold production plant was set up leading to major autonomy, and both production and final product control.

    Chopanki (near Delhi, Northern Rajasthan)
    In 2006, a third production site was set up. It is completely specialized in the production of All Steel radial tires for the industrial and OTR sectors.

    Bhuj (Western India)
    Opened in 2013, our most recent production site represents the state of the art in modern industrial plants. Extending over 300 acres, the new plant is able to reach a production output of 120,000 tons a year at full capacity. Off-Highway tires for all market segments such as agricultural, construction and industrial vehicles as well as earthmoving, port and mining, ATV, and gardening applications are going to roll off the Bhuj production lines. In addition to cutting-edge production technologies, Bhuj also encloses large warehouse areas equipped with advanced facilities. The site enjoys a geographically strategic position near major communication roads and commercial ports in order to deliver products in the shortest possible time.

  • Talent for innovation is a core competency of the BKT Research and Development Division and one of our company’s strengths. Investments in R&D are a fundamental key to success to compete in a complex global market with rapidly evolving needs. For this reason, we invest about 3.5% of our annual sales into R&D.

    Our R&D division deals with anything related to the technical product development: from designing a new tire to developing new compounds to improve product performance as well as implementing always more efficient production processes.

    Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. It is the drive for our research engineers to develop always more enhanced Off-Highway tire solutions. It is the key for raising standards and making BKT products always more reliable, more competitive and highly technological. Each tire developed by our R&D division is subject to strictest quality controls in order to ensure best performance. The careful analysis of user expectations goes hand in hand with the innovative design of new materials and compounds. 

    Our R&D division consists of more than 90 staff members including researches, engineers and technicians working in different teams and departments across our production sites:

    The R&D Center in Chopanki hosts several laboratories cooperating closely together at every stage: an analysis laboratory, a chemical laboratory, a physical laboratory as well as an area for rigorous tire testing and not least a special facility for All Steel radial tire prototypes.

    At our headquarters in Mumbai, all Research and Development activities are coordinated. The central R&D department has modern workstations for design and advanced software simulations. These enables us to evaluate every tire feature down to the smallest detail.

    A new and modern Research and Development Center is being built at the Bhuj production site. The Center is going to host a special team for developing top-of-the-range solutions. In addition, a modern testing ground for in-depth tire performance tests simulating real application conditions will be ready soon. This new facility will enable us to rely on timely and precise data and analyses to ensure best tire performance. Aiming at continuous quality improvement and the best adaptation to always more specific Off-Highway applications, this new facility is an important achievement for our company.

    As a result of our extensive R&D activities, we design, develop and produce about 60-80 new BKT tires every year. Presently, the average time to market for a new BKT tire at global level is 6-8 weeks only.

    BKT’s excelling technological progress has been recognized by the Indian government through the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) and the Department of Science & Technology (DST). In India, we have been the first to produce radial tractors for exportation. Moreover, we have been the first to produce All Steel radial tires for the OTR sector.

    Our R&D activities do not stop with the launch of a new BKT tire on the market. We have set up a continuous monitoring process to control product performance. This process includes include both the feedback from distributors and real experiences from final users providing us with information on the tire use and its performance in the several applications on international markets. These monitoring activities are carried out by our technical support team for the different regions in the world in cooperation with our technicians on site, who regularly visit our customers in the United States, Canada and in Europe to check tire conditions, pressure, wear and the product life-cycle status.

  • BKT manufactures Off-Highway tires in full compliance with international standards and regulations. One of these is the European Directive REACH adopted by the chemical industry to improve the protection of human health and the environment. All BKT tires, as well as production plants and processes, are certified to ISO quality standards. BKT has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System and is ISO 14001:2015 certified for the implementation of an effective Environmental Management System.