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Around BKT

Last News

  • 01/01/2017

February Events

  • 07-09  DOE Show - Essex (UK)
  • 15-18  TIA OTR Conference - Oahu, HI (USA)
  • 22-24  Rubexpo - Hcmc, Secc, Hochiminh City (VN)
  • 23-25  Oregon Logging Conference - Eugene, OR (USA)
  • 23-26  TIer & Technik - St.Gallen (CH)
  • 26-02  SIMA - Paris (F)

Last Post

  • 16 Hours, 38 Minutes ago

BKT… sailing before the wind!

Welcome back, dear friends! We have greatly enjoyed putting ourselves to the test by facing new challenges ever since in order to feel the thrill of competition at first hand. This time, however, we have excelled ourselves! You see, it doesn’t happen every day that you can sail alongside tr...

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