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Job Opportunities

Human Resources Management at BKT assumes that Human Resources are the most valuable asset to the organization and their contribution is cardinal to the successful achievement of Organizational objectives. The Company encourages continuous innovation and is customer focused.

The core values of the HR function is based on a 5 point criteria - Selection, Performance, Performance Appraisal, Rewards and Development. There is a constant endeavor to establish a positive connection between Human Resource Systems and Organizational effectiveness in all management actions.

At BKT HRM is a focus area and plays a strategic role in business operations. Fast Track Careers are available for committed Professionals. Based on a competency model, the performance and growth of employees at each level is monitored and equal opportunities are provided to all for long satisfying careers. 

The Company recognizes and develops its Human Resources to match them to changes in the business environment but also create distinctive capabilities to seek much greater competitive advantage. Employees at every level are trained to focus on strategic priorities, challenge old ways of working and actively promote creativity and innovations.

At BKT, all attempts are made to create “An Outstanding Workplace”. The work culture epitomizes the qualities of a genuine democracy. Trust is fundamental to all relationships and building it, is a constant challenge to the Management. The Management promotes credibility, respect fairness, pride and camaraderie. Competence and integrity are valued at extreme levels. A collaborative and congenial work environment prevails across the organization.

Please apply immediately with full details and a scanned photograph to: The HR Department

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