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Handling & Storage

Tire Transportation

BKT tires are designed for the most differing applications in agriculture and manifold industrial sectors. Many Off-Highway tires are very heavy and difficult to be transported. Wrong transportation of a tire can cause serious damage. When transporting a tire, particular attention must be paid to make sure that neither the bead nor the inner part of the tire are damaged. Even the slightest damage of the bead can cause permanent damage due to air leakage resulting in tire underinflation and possible separation of the tire components.

In order to reduce the risk of damages or problems caused by wrong tire transportation or handling to a minimum, it is highly advised to observe the following recommendations:

  • Do not lift the tire with a crane hook by leverage on the bead.
  • Use large fibered straps, rubber slings or specific belts.
  • Do not use ropes, steel slings or chains.
  • Use a forklift for transport. The tire is to be lifted under the tread and not on the bead.



Tire Storage 

Whatever your field of application is – agriculture, earthmoving, industry, or else - Off-Highway tires are to be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, electric motors, oils, fuels, resins and other volatile substances in order to avoid any alteration of the chemical-physical features.
Should this not be possible, at least protect your tires with a waterproof tarpaulin to avoid contact with ultra-violet rays and bad weather.
Tires are to be placed vertically side by side. Do not stack one tire over the other horizontally.
Tubes and o-rings must be stocked in their original packing or stored unwrapped on racks or shelves, but never suspended.


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