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Mounting Preparation

Before fitting the tire on the rim, make sure that the following mandatory aspects and requirements are met:

  • Tire size and features must be suitable for the vehicle and the application to be used.
  • The rim size to be used must be approved and contained in the BKT Technical Databook; it must be suitable for the tire size.
  • Mounting and dismounting operations shall be performed by qualified and adequately trained technical staff or professionals only.
  • Always refer to the instructions and procedures indicated by the rim, tire, and vehicle manufacturers.
  • Use appropriate tools and equipment in good condition only.
  • Using a wrong rim can limit the tire performance and cause its damage.

1)    Inspection and Cleaning

  • Check the rim beforehand; use a metal brush to properly clean the entire surface and check its state.
  • Never use rims with weld joints nor rims that are visibly deformed or damaged.
  • The tire bead must be clean and without any elements that might cause an air lack.
  • In case of mounting a tire that has already been used,  accurately check both the tire’s inside and outside for possible damages to be repaired.
  • Do not mount tires with clear signs of strain.
  • Use a compressor to clean and dry the inner part of the tire. Never use solvents.
  • Check the tire beads and clean their surface with a dry cloth. Never use solvents.
  • Only use new tubes (if applicable for the tire type) and new air valves (for tubeless tires).
  • Do not use damaged or broken rims.
  • The flange must be clean and smooth to ensure uniform adherence.
  • Do not mount rims with worn surfaces.

2)    Inspection and Valve Mounting

  • Place the rim on the mounting device.
  • Before mounting the tire on the rim, check that the inflation valve functions properly.
  • It is recommended to always use new valves at every mounting.

by BKT Tires