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Tire Mounting

1)    Lubrication of Tire Rim and Bead

  • Use a soft-bristled brush to spread the lubricant over the surface.
  • Use specific lubricants for tire mounting only.
  • Do not use silicone or other solvent-based substances.

2)    Bead Positioning

  • Place the tire bead on the rim channel.
  • Make sure that at least part of the tire bead stays within the rim profile.
  • The tire remains in position due to its weight and the ground contact during rim rotation.
  • Start rotating the tire and position the tire bead gradually on the rim.

  • Complete the rotation until the entire bead is positioned on the rim.
  • Make sure that the entire bead is correctly fitted within the rim.

3)    Final Check

  • Check that both tire beads are correctly positioned on the rim.
  • Adjust the tire pressure according to manufacturer recommendations and the intended operating conditions.


by BKT Tires