BKT launches RIDEMAX FL 615, the new flotation radial tire

BKT launches RIDEMAX FL 615, the new flotation radial tire

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At the recent SIMA exhibition, BKT really stood out with many important novelties. Among them, the new RIDEMAX FL 615, a radial flotation tire suitable for the free rolling wheels of trailers, tankers and spreaders.

This product is BKT’s answers to farmers’ need of coping with completely different requirements on the road and in the fields, when using heavy implement.
RIDEMAX FL 615 wins all the challenges: it floats over loose soil or grassland, provides traction on the road, carries heavy loads, and avoids soil compaction.

How? Thanks to its many and important qualities:

  • a steel-belted structure that provides high puncture resistance
  • increased durability
  • high load capacity
  • a rounded shoulder and large footprint area to ensure reduced soil compaction
  • low rolling resistance
  • top self-cleaning properties

This long list of features makes RIDEMAX FL 615 particularly suitable for transport applications with heavy loads and weights. This tire is thus perfect for travelling long distance between plots and protecting the soil at the same time, when working in the field.

The novelty is presently available in size 800/65 R 32. 

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