Made in BKT: Rock Grip L4

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Rock Grip L4 is the ideal tire for your wheel loaders operating on uneven and bumpy grounds. Let’s discover all its features.

Welcome back dear friends! Today we are presenting you the ideal tire for your wheel loaders operating on uneven and bumpy grounds. What tire are we talking about? Here comes: Rock Grip L4! Let’s discover all its features.

Excellent stability and resistance 

As the name says, not only is this tire made for rocky environments, it is virtually a rock to rely on: extremely sturdy and thanks to its extra deep and cut-and-chip resistant tread, it ensures significant benefits in terms of application and effective performance

Rock Grip L4 is actually the perfect bias-ply tire for wheel loaders operating under the toughest loading conditions as you can find in yards with rough and uneven surfaces.

What are the distinctive features of this tire?

  • Deep tread: its tread depth (L-4) stands for stability and resistance even during intensive operations, ensuring an extended tire life-cycle.
  • Heavy-duty service: strong and sturdy, Rock Grip L4 is suitable for operating under the toughest conditions;
  • Stability: an extremely stable tire especially in loading mode, an effective response to one of the main needs in the industrial field;
  • Resistance: the special tread compound reduces the risk of cuts and punctures, protecting the tire and avoiding expensive machine downtime.

In short, thanks to its stability, resistance and durability, Rock Grip L4 is a crackerjack for your wheel loaders. Wow, amazing features, don’t you think? 

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