Discover the importance of soil - Brand new episode of Global Trends!

Discover the importance of soil - Brand new episode of Global Trends!

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In celebration of World Soil Day, BKT dedicated the second episode of our new talk show Global Trends to the important issue of soil health. Want to learn more about how to maintain happy, healthy soil? Check out our latest episode now!

How did you celebrate World Soil Day on December 5th? At BKT we honored that day by dedicating the second episode of our new talk show Global Trends to the important issue of soil health.

With a new and exciting format, BKT last month launched a new eight-episodes talk show called Global Trends. Here, we invite experts to share valuable insights about the global mega trends in agriculture and what to expect from tomorrow.

The topic of the second episode is Soil Health as the key to the future of agriculture and the planet.

Our dependence on soil

Soil health is not only important for the quality of harvest and productivity, it also influences climate change and is an essential reserve of biodiversity. In short, our life on Earth depends on the soil. We better keep it healthy!

One of the exclusive guests in this second episode of Global Trends, Dianna Bagnall, who is soil researcher at the Soil Health Institute in the U.S.A., explains that the soil can be considered as a natural reservoir of carbon absorption.

- Farmers can contribute to this process by preserving soil health and preventing it from releasing CO2, for example by reducing the amount the soil that is worked and increasing crop diversity, Bagnall says in the Global Trends episode.

What can you do?

So many people are concerned with soil health, and for good reason. Good soil health contributes to climate regulation, filtration and storage of rainwater, nutrient recycling, and decomposition. Those of us who work in agriculture might ask ourselves: what do we need to do to meet our responsibilities?

In this second episode of Global Trends, experts give advice regarding everything from fertilization and tillage practice to crop rotation. They also advice the viewers on choosing the right tire, as well as identifying the best tire pressure, from a soil health perspective.

A central topic in the episode on Soil Health is the problem of soil compaction and its negative impact on soil properties. Piero Torassa, Field Engineer at BKT Europe, shares his perspectives on how heavy vehicles can cause considerable damage to the soil and crops, as the compaction obstructs the passage of oxygen and water into the earth. Furthermore, Torassa explains how choosing the correct tire with the correct technologies can help prevent and reduce damages to the soil.  

If you want agricultural tires that are good allies to soil health, Torassa recommends tires equipped with VF (Very High Flexion) technology.

- VF tires can withstand the same load at a lower tire pressure than a standard product. And this is possible because the decrease in pressure increases the tire footprint on the soil, thus reducing compaction, Torassa explains.


Are you curious to know more insights and advices regarding soil health?

Watch the episode here!

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