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Let's meet our Earthmax SR 30, an All Steel radial tire designed for earthmoving machinery operating in the most challenging surfaces. Let's hear the opinion of those who have already tested it in the field

We are back to talk to you about our Earthmax lineup of radial tires designed for earthmoving machinery - dumpers, wheel loaders, dozers, graders and multipurpose vehicles – that operate on the most challenging terrain surfaces such as large construction sites, quarries and mines. The All Steel structure extends excellent casing stability, allows optimal load distribution on the ground and makes the tires particularly puncture resistant protecting them from damages caused by foreign objects.

Today, we are featuring  Earthmax SR 30, an extremely versatile tire that is suitable for articulated dump truck, wheel loader and bulldozer applications. It excels in loading operations, transporting material and leveling the ground.

The multi-ply steel belts and its rigid block design ensure excellent traction, stability and durability. The special cut resistant compound helps to quickly dissipate heat generated during operations, making the Earthmax SR 30 tire the ideal solution for all operating conditions.

We could list all of the Earthmax SR 30 features, but when it’s time to choose a tire, why not rely on the opinion of those who have already tested the product in the field?

Phoenix-tested for you

If you are thinking of choosing Earthmax SR 30 for your dumper, you’ll without a doubt be interested in hearing from Michel Bertrand, head of supplies at Phoenix Services France, a steel mill company near Marseille (France). Michel chose our Earthmax SR 30 to equip the loaders in his fleet used daily for the transport of iron and steel materials from the production furnaces to the processing sites.

When we visited him, Michel told us he was really happy with the performance, and particularly the great resistance of the Earthmax SR 30 tires. "In our work, earthmoving machinery and tires are subjected to carrying heavy loads (of about 1,200,000 tons a year) on short and frequent trips and are constantly exposed to high temperatures, especially near the blast furnaces of the steel mills. This type of work strains tires, damaging the structure, causing and favoring wear and tear. Yet, the Earthmax SR 30 tires proved they were up to the task - just perfect for the type of job we do here."

Landforming-tested for you

If you're planning on using Earthmax SR 30 for removal operations, you have to hear what Alex at Landforming to Perfection, an Australian company dealing with leveling land for construction, had to say.

Even in this industry and on the rough grounds you find in the Australian outback, the Earthmax SR 30 tires outperformed. "We expect large load capacity, great traction and durability from our earthmoving vehicles and the tires. In order to meet the challenges the Aussie terrain has in store, ideally, the perfect tire must be tireless, resistant, and of course, high performing. The Earthmax SR 30 tires were the perfect solution for our scrapers" confirmed Alex.

What else? Satisfied users are the best business cards for Earthmax SR 30. If you have tested the Earthmax SR 30 tires, tell us what you think. You could become the subject in our next interview!

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