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BKT high-performance tire range for forklifts

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Industrial logistical operations are really challenging for forklifts operating in this environment and especially for the tires that equip them.
Goods transport and handling require absolute stability, traction, significant load capacity and a high level of driving comfort. Tires must also guarantee considerable strength and robustness.

These are the key features that BKT focused on when developing its specialized range of tires for forklifts, which includes: 

  • MAGLIFT, highly resistant solid tire equipped with steel wires that reinforce its structure and a special compound that makes this tire particularly resistant to wear and tear and cuts.
  • MAGLIFT ECO is made with two layers of rubber compound and it has a special shape and very wide lugs to guarantee outstanding stability and excellent load distribution. It also features a special rim guard designed to protect it against damage and dents.
  • MAGLIFT PREMIUM comes with an extra deep tread to guarantee a long-life cycle. The particular tread design ensures excellent steering control and great forward and lateral traction.
  • LIFTMAX LM 81 features an All Steel structure that guarantees maximum strength and robustness to the casing and low rolling resistance that results into lower operating costs and a longer life cycle for the tire
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