ATV + BKT = Pushing the envelope of off-road capabilities
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ATV + BKT = Pushing the envelope of off-road capabilities

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Stephen Fontenot, a Texan with passion for extreme off-road riding, tells his experience using BKT tires

When people think of BKT’s off-road tires, the first thing that comes to mind might be agriculture, earthmoving or construction vehicles. However, in recent years the off-road ATV community has opened its eyes to BKT tires.

We had the opportunity to talk to Stephen Fontenot, a Texan with passion for extreme off-road riding. According to Fontenot, there are many reasons why he is so passionate about the sport: “It comes from the thrill of each ride, the culture the off-road life promotes, the friendships it has created, and the opportunity to test products’ capabilities.”

Photo courtesy by Offroad Life Photography

When asked about from where Fontenot’s passion for off-road riding originates, he had to go back to his childhood: “My passion started as a child, I have an uncle who used to take me off-roading at a young age and after the first ride I was hooked.”

And his passion for ATVs and everything off-road didn’t stop there: “As I got older, the passion just continued to grow, the sport has gained more followers over the last few years and the products available in today’s market, such as BKT tires, just prove that the passion is growing together.”

Fontenot started using BKT tires to carry his vehicles about a year ago after seeing them more and more at the off-road parks and events he attended. “The main advantages of my BKT tires is their versatility, they are smooth on harder surfaces, the tire composition is soft enough to make a smooth ride but hard enough to bite in rough terrain, they have great traction in any kind of terrain, are very resistant to wear, they look great, and the deep wide lug pattern allows them to clean out easily even in the harshest mud. I would recommend them to people for the very reasons I listed above, if you want a tire that’s versatile then BKT is the only way to go,” Fontenot says.

His passion for off-road vehicles has not gone unnoticed. Through his Instagram, Fontenot updates his followers on the extreme off-road life. On Stephen’s account, you can expect wild rides testing the capabilities in off-road conditions, ATVs stuck in the mud and a peek into the extreme off-road community.

When asked what kind of content his followers appreciate the most, Fontenot pointed to the off-road conditions: “The posts most liked by my followers are the ones that show me testing the capabilities in off-road conditions rather than it sitting clean on a trailer or road somewhere.”

BKT is rooting for adventurers like Stephen Fontenot, and to read more stories from our unique end-users, please follow us on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

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