Today, we are going to tell you the experience of one of yours! We are taking you to France, namely to Fos sur Mer not far from Marseille, to let you know Mr Michel Bertrand who has chosen BKT tires for his work. 

Michel Bertrand is head of workshop and equipment at Phoenix Services France, a company dealing with ferrous and non-ferrous waste handling and recycling, deriving from the steelworks Arcelor Mittal. “Our fleet of vehicles and machinery includes wheel loaders for loading and unloading material as well as trucks and dumpers for steel transport from production to working areas,” Monsieur Bertrand tells. “Most machines usually work at full capacity and for small and frequent travel almost exclusively on beaten earth or sand. This is a great challenge for Off-Highway and Earthmoving tires operating under extreme conditions.”

“To perform our job in the best possible way, tires must be absolutely resistant. I mean, not only in terms of a long tire life, but also in terms of robustness. They are actually subject to very heavy and frequent loads. Just think that we are moving about 1,200,000 tons of material every year. What is more, tires are constantly exposed to high temperatures, especially when it is about picking up material from the steel furnaces. Temperatures there reach an extremely high level tending hence to affect the tire and to favor wear. That is why a few years ago, when we had to replace the tires of our wheel loaders, we decided to choose the BKT Earthmax SR 30 tires.

Earthmax SR 30 perfectly meets this kind of need. The particular All Steel radial structure improves load distribution on the terrain and makes the tire particularly resistant, above all when working on irregular ground with obstacles. Traction and maneuverability are excellent, so that tires can also be used on muddy and uneven surfaces. Besides, the compound has been developed to resist against high temperatures, ideal for the type of work done by Phoenix Services. 

Without any doubt, Phoenix Services has had a very positive experience. In fact, Monsieur Bertrand is going to rely again on BKT for his next purchases: “The product is definitely good, especially in view of the optimum quality-price ratio. Performance is perfect and quality high, at the same level as other leading brands in the sector. Anyway, with the big competitive advantage of a lower price, I cannot but recommend the tires!” 


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