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In this job, with good tires, you're already halfway there

These are the words of Luca Gabaldo, owner of Azienda Agricola Gabaldo Luca in Italy, user of BKT tires and spokesperson for the everyday needs of the industry: from reducing fuel consumption to technological investments. Helping him in his work is AGRIMAX V-FLECTO

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Many are the events, in which BKT takes part as a sponsor, as a main player, as a partner, and as a brand. Some of these are major sport events of international reach others are charitable events on a national, regional or local scale. There is one thing they all have in common, namely BKT’s close proximity to people. The desire to share passions and emotions, to involve visitors through engagement activities, and not least the desire to give back.

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Trade shows

Without any doubt trade shows are paramount for business: an occasion to present new products, to strengthen relationships, to connect with new customers, and to see current industry trends. Yet, we have always considered that trade shows are much more than business meeting venues turning them into a place of entertainment. This goes from our traditional free football distribution – by the way we exceeded the amazing quota of 500,000 at Agritechnica 2019 – to freestyle shows and includes numerous fun and engagement activities in which you can participate live on the spot or over our social media. Why don’t you drop by at one of the next occasions?

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