A passion for agriculture passed on for generations. This is the story of the Antonissen Family Farm: founded one hundred years ago by the Antonissen Family, it is now managed by the third generation of farmers. They are specialized in growing potatoes on an area of 35 hectares.


"The most important properties that I expect from a tire are driving comfort, good traction on the road and in the fields. It also has to be good for the soil and needs to be able to cope with the weight of heavy machines

The Antonissen Family have chosen AGRIMAX FORTIS for their tractor and RIDEMAX FL 693 M for their trailer.

AGRIMAX FORTIS is a reliable partner for all preparation, soil tillage and haulage operations. It is designed to equip the most modern and most powerful tractors and allows to carry very high loads reaching up to 65 km/h (40 MPH). The tire has been designed with a reinforced nylon casing for enhanced productivity in the fields preserving the soil thanks to reduced compaction.

Both tires ensure outstanding traction along with top handling and best comfort for a perfect driving experience.

We chose BKT for this tractor because the tires are high, wide and correspond to the dimensions. The low-pressure technology, the IF technology, allows you to diminish tire pull and create a large support base"


A hundred year long tradition 2