Pimp your tractor as you’ll join us for a four-year ride of assigning awards!

Boy, do we have news for you. This is the year BKT goes all in for the future of the agricultural world. For the next four years, we will tribute star tractors all over Europe. We are delighted to announce that we’ve have teamed up with the most prestigious agricultural award in Europe: the Tractor of the Year (TotY)!

And the TotY goes to…

Can you imagine such an honor? It’s time to shine and your tractor deserves nothing less than a moment in the limelight. That’s what this collaboration is all about; a symbolic event and tribute of the avant-garde, first-class tractors and the future of agriculture.

TotY is a historical event born in 1998. Ever since, a jury of 26 experts, specialized in agricultural mechanization, gather annually to claim the crème de la crème of tractors in the European market.

As you might have guessed, we at BKT are beyond excited about this collab.

“I can't wait to start. TotY is a real institution and a point of reference in the agricultural world. We are proud to be part of this group”, says Lucia Salmaso, our CEO at the BKT Europe office.

Talk about a match made in heaven! By colliding a multinational company and an international award, we together aim to spread knowledge and expertise in the field of agricultural mechanization. This is where tires and technology unite. As we at BKT would say, the one doesn’t go without the other - simply the Yin to our Yang.

We hope you are excited to follow us on this dazzling journey. We certainly are.

Let the challenge begin!

BKT is proud new sponsor of the Tractor Of The Year 2