Modern farming needs flexibility, this is for sure. Farmers’ goal is increasing efficiency and this can happen also by means of powerful machinery carrying high loads.

These are the premises of BKT’s best seller: AGRIMAX V-FLECTO. This tire is indeed designed to improve the performance of high-powered tractors and it is a revolutionary combination of different and important features:

  • The VF technology, which makes it possible to maximize load without changing tire pressure. AGRIMAX V-FLECTO can transport 40% more weight than a standard tire of the same size and with the same recommended rim.
  • Prevents soil compaction: thanks to the wider tire footprint and the tread depth increased by 10% in width.
  • Its durability is 10% longer than the standard equivalent.
  • The ultra-resistant casing and the special reinforced bead, to exploit all the tractor's potential both in the field and on the road, where it can reach high speeds (up to 65 Km/h).
  • Very comfortable drive.
  • NRO (Narrow Rim Option) Technology, conforming to the standards recorded by the European Tire and Rim Technology Organization (ETRTO). This marking makes it possible to use standard rims and not dedicated rims which are instead needed for VF tires of the same size.

All these features and more make the AGRIMAX V-FLECTO so successful, to the extent of being now available in 22 sizes.

BKT devoted a special episode to this tire on BKT Network, where Piero Torassa, BKT Europe’s Field Engineer Manager, shows which are the tests the product underwent in terms of traction, maneuverability and driving comfort.

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All in one: this is AGRIMAX V-FLECTO 2