BKT public is expanding day by day and it is today a genuine international community. 

In order to reach new interlocutors and younger generations, BKT has inaugurated its official channel on TikTok, the social media which is increasingly popular among a very young target group, the so-called generation Z - those born between 1995 and 2010 - and the generation Alpha, those born from 2010 onwards. 
For BKT this means speaking a totally new, disruptive, original and fun language, to accompany future generations of users. The goal is to inspire and involve the youngest, also by launching important messages, encouraging them to protect the future of agriculture and of our planet. 

BKT's channel on TikTok represents a significant milestone in its digital strategy. For some years the company has invested significantly in the realization of new and extremely innovative digital projects, like the revolutionary digital hub BKT Network.

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BKT on TikTok speaks to younger generations 2