Having to make the choice between road and field work is now a thing of the past. With the introduction of the MULTIMAX MP 569, BKT brings you the ultimate tool for getting the most out of your farming equipment. It is perfect for those working in rough terrain who also need to transport material in a reliable manner. 

They are expertly designed to be fitted on the front axle of agro trucks in the 445/65 R 22.5 size in combination with FL 633 PERFORMA on the rear axle in the 600/50 R 22.5 size. 

BKT had their engineers overcome a simple challenge: make a tire that can master the alternating surfaces every farmer experience on a daily basis. And so, they did. 

How does this tire work? 

  • All Steel casing, providing both high speed and durability 
  • Optimized tread design provides excellent traction in the field and excellent self-cleaning properties 
  • This design also delivers an extremely comfortable ride on the road and outstanding stability 
  • The low rolling resistance also provides a significant saving in fuel consumption 

All these features and more make the MULTIMAX MP 569 unbeatable, both on the field and on the road. Promising great traction, unmatched stability, and a comfortable ride to boot, they are an essential tool in the future of farming. 

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