Dear readers, by now, you certainly know that surprises never end with BKT. Today, we are drawing your attention to a great novelty directly at Bauma 2016! As soon as you enter the large outdoor exhibition area, BKT will leave you breathless with something really… giant!

What we are talking about is Earthmax SR 45 Plus, the brand new giant tire, with its stunning diameter of 2.70 m. A real eye-catcher and key player at one of the world’s leading events for earthmoving, construction, industrial and mining machinery and vehicles.

Let’s take a closer look at some details!

2.70 meters of stability, grip and resistance

It’s impossible to overlook Earthmax SR 45 Plus, not only for its enormous dimensions, but also for the many advantages it offers!

Specifically designed for rigid dumpers, this tire is perfect for long-haul transport operations. Safety in adverse conditions, extraordinary grip, and resistance are its top qualities! Earthmax SR 45 Plus has an All steel casing that ensures excellent stability: an essential feature for tires operating in harsh conditions.

The extraordinary strength of this tire makes it particularly resistant to any kind of external impacts including cuts, abrasions, and tears. Indeed, Earthmax SR 45 Plus guarantees maximum resistance even in harsh environments such as quarries, construction sites and mines.

In addition to excellent traction features, another plus not to forget is the special extra-deep tread design, conceived to minimize vibrations and noises on the road. It also provides excellent self-cleaning properties aiming at effectively ejecting rubble and stones.

For all these reasons, Earthmax SR 45 Plus is the ideal tire for long-haul transport operations, whenever the job gets tough.

Come and see at Bauma 2016. So many advantages in a peerless giant tire. You’ll just need to look up, to spot it!