Welcome back my friends! Today we will talk about a perfect tire for lawns and gardens and for all your landscaping jobs. Does your lawn need tires that are gentle on the soil? The answer is the LG 306 tire. Let’s find out about it!

Lawns, landscaping, and much more…

When talking about landscaping, we do not only refer to home gardens but also corporate green areas, hence this becomes a crucial activity. Let’s think, for example, of a golf club…how important is the care of the green for the golfers? Think about caring for green urban areas …who takes care of mowing lawns in public city parks?

Those who work in this sector know how important it is to choose the right tire in order to avoid damaging the lawn. This is why BKT has designed LG 306, a specific tire for lawns, perfect for lawnmowers and small tractors.

The special tread pattern makes this product respectful of the soil, at the same time facilitating maneuverability and making it easier to reach any area.

In addition to this fundamental property, certain sizes of the LG 306 tire are also suited for transport operations using transfer machines at airports and for small tractors in municipal maintenance applications.

And that’s not all. For those who especially need sturdiness and durability, there is an aramid- belted version featuring belts made of aramid for increased puncture resistance.

What do you think, doesn’t it seem an all-round talent in its field? Let’s watch it in action in this video clip.