Dear readers, a month has gone by. Do you remember Bauma and all that you saw there? If anyone has a gap in their memory, here we are, ready to refresh it.

Let’s see. What if we mentioned Portmax PM 93? Does it return to your mind? ... Of course, it does! We are talking about the brand new All Steel radial tire for straddle carriers in port applications.

A strong and resistant tire for container handling

Robustness, resistance, and reliability in all operating conditions, satisfying the most demanding requirements. Specifically designed for port operations and container handling, Portmax PM 93 ensures great stability, durability and a high load capacity.

These are just some of the qualities that make it the ideal tire for intermodal freight transport. BKT has figured out every detail to ensure top performance in this particular field.

The special tread compound lends this tire a definitely longer product life-cycle, limiting machine downtime as much as possible. The results are significant economic advantages.

Undoubtedly, another major feature is the radial All Steel structure, which provides a perfect balance between the capacity of transporting heavy load and maintaining maximum stability.

In other words: a powerful tire featuring great maneuverability and ensuring at the same time another essential feature, i.e. driving comfort.

Portmax PM 93 has all qualities you need! Actually, it also reduces the environmental impact since the low rolling resistance limits tire skidding, saving on fuel and operating costs.

A 100% perfect tire – your ideal partner for industrial handling operations! What do you think about that? Wouldn’t you like to try it out?