Industrial and agricultural machinery for excavation and loading operations are becoming more and more versatile, sophisticated and powerful. As a result, they need tires that offer the highest possible levels of safety, durability, comfort, and productivity. RT 747 Agro Industrial is the response to these requirements. This BKT tires offers exceptional versatility: it is a multi-purpose pattern that can offer valuable support for both agricultural and industrial applications with backhoe loaders, compact loaders or telehandlers. Are you ready to learn a bit more about it?

Operators of lifting equipment employed in loading and transport operations need some very specific features:  stability, versatility and durability.


RT 747 Agro Industrial is an agro-industrial radial tire suitable for pieces of machinery carrying out lifting operations both in the agricultural and industrial field. The extra-large lugs ensure excellent grip along with extraordinary stability. The result is optimum maneuverability and driving comfort even on rough terrains.

Versatility and durability

It is the particular tread design that makes this tire suitable for a multiple use on any sort of terrain, changing without any difficulties from operations in the fields to road transfers.

But this tire has much more to offer: RT 747 Agro Industrial is made of a special compound, the result of a particular process conceived by the BKT R&D Team, which makes the tire extremely resistant against punctures, accidental damages, impacts, abrasion, and provides an extend life cycle along with increased productivity.

What else to say – it’s a solution for several applications to satisfy you multiple needs.  Check the available sizes on the BKT website!