Hello again, dear readers! This time on our blog, we’ve another BKT masterpiece in the spotlight. Today’s star is SM 55 L5S IND5: a tire that has been specifically designed for reach stackers and container handlers.  It is able to face successfully many adversities you can find in the world of modal transport and logistics.

Let’s take a closer look at its special features!

Heavy-duty service, stability, durability

SM 55 L5S IND5 has many advantages. Actually, it’s a very durable and resistant tire – perfect for heavy-duty service. Reach stackers and container handlers won’t have any problems if fitted with this tire.

Let’s examine its pluses one by one:

  • Durability. Thanks to the extra-deep tread, SM 55 L5S IND5 reduces the risk of any possible impact and damages to a minimum. This leads to a definitely longer tire life-cycle.
  • Extraordinary resistance! Abrasion, cuts, and chops – this tire fears none of these. The special tread compound lends excellent resistance making the tire perfect even for use on hard and rough surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.
  • High stability. As you well know, at all port logistics environments, it is essential that maximum stability is guaranteed both during the lifting phase and when handling heavy loads. By satisfying this essential requirement, SM 55 L5S IND5 is the perfect response to all your needs.

So, does our today’s star deserve your applause? Tell us what you think about it!