Welcome back, dear friends! On our today’s blog, we are going to introduce you another important member of the BKT family. We are talking about a perfect tire for RTG cranes operating every day in logistics and intermodal transport applications. Its name is XL GRIP IND3 (RTG).

Providing robustness and stability to RTG cranes

What features must a tire have to be suitable in an industrial environment? The logistics and intermodal transport sectors are a very demanding and sometimes critical environment, where fast-paced operations, great durability and stability in the lift mode are required.

XL GRIP IND3 (RTG) is a bias-ply tire that is ideal for industrial handling on paved surfaces. A particularly strong casing, a reinforced tread compound along with extraordinary resistance to cuts and tears are its distinctive features, making this tire perfect for RTG and gantry cranes.

But that’s not all! This tire shows an exceptionally wide contact area on the ground, providing extraordinary stability in lift mode thanks to the optimized tie bars and tread grooves.

A reason for choosing it? To get excellent performance on heavy-duty service and for intense handling operations within port areas.

Does our tire fit your needs? Discover all the available sizes on our BKT website!