As a farmer you want the best equipment and agricultural tires for your tractor, right? But what about the trailer? BKT introduces FL 695 – a tire specifically designed for trailers employed in the toughest tasks.

Within a company’s fleet, trailers play an essential role. Trailers carry out tough tasks on different terrains – on and off the road. Providing the best possible tires for the trailers is wise, since a great deal of productivity depends on them.

Heavy loads? Bring it on!

Trailers are often used to carry heavy loads. Sometimes really heavy loads! That is why we made FL 695 extraordinarily resistant and durable thanks to a strong casing with multi-ply steel layers providing protection against punctures. Additionally, this radial tire is made of a special compound that contributed to increased cut resistance.

But there is more! FL 695 can be distinguished by its tread design with an exclusive center-block pattern that provides excellent stability and resistance in all conditions – even with heavy loads. All these features make FL695 a true ally for even the toughest transport operations.

How long do tractor trailer tires last?

Perhaps you have asked yourself this question. The answer is: That depends on whether the trailer and tires make a good match. Choosing the right tire for every operation avoids premature wear and reduced rolling resistance. Moreover, this turns into longer product durability, less fuel consumption, and a lower environmental impact.

The novelty FL 695 adds to BKT’s extensive range of tires: more than 3,200 products for a wide range of sectors and applications. This is because we want to provide the best options for our users, following the philosophy: The more specific and tailored a tire is for every need, the more sustainable it becomes.

BKT is there for the users

BKT listens to the users’ needs. Farmers and construction companies needed a tire designed for trailers carrying heavy loads. That is why we created FL 695, a cutting-edge, agro-industrial product specifically designed for trailers in construction and farming transport applications.

Choosing the right tire size is important – also when it comes to trailers. Presently, this tire is available in size 650/55 R 26.5. It is not unusual to have questions regarding new tires for one’s trailer. If you wonder how to choose the right tire size for your trailer, or how to change a tractor trailer tire, BKT’s experts are more than happy to assist you.

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