As from today loaders and telehandlers used in heavy-duty operations will have a new ally.
Its name is SKID MAX SR-SKIDDER and has been created to operate on hard surfaces. It is thus perfect for use in road maintenance work or in waste material deposits.
It is available in the launch size: 260/70 R 16.5 (10 R 16.5).

BKT designed it to overcome a twofold challenge: to resist punctures and abrasion and to be capable of transporting heavy loads while maintaining perfect stability.

How can it do that? Thanks to:

  • A robust casing equipped with an All Steel structure with steel belts which provide greater resistance to damaging attacks;
  • The thick side which helps minimize the risk of punctures and damage;
  • A guard protecting it against any impacts, which could damage the area around the rim;
  • The robust and wide tread with a continuous central block guaranteeing exceptional traction and long duration;
  • The tread's compound which is anti-static and extremely resistant to abrasion.

All these elements make SKID MAX SR-SKIDDER unique and a winner, also in terms of comfort. An ally which guarantees victory over everyday challenges.


Tire innovation: here is the SKID MAX SR-SKIDDER 2