At BKT, we care about the environment and the future of coming generations. We feel that we have a huge responsibility as a company and that we must be an example. This is why we invest in many projects that enable us to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our production sites and of the tires we manufacture. There is no doubt that the future passes through sustainability.

BKTs environmental sustainability has been certified by many acknowledgements. All BKT production plants as well as all tire design and development processes are certified for quality as to ISO 9001:2015. Moreover, BKT has adopted the most severe international standards on production parameters and quality control in compliance with environmental regulations including the European “REACH” Directive. BKT has, indeed, obtained the ISO 14001:2015 certification for its International Environmental Management System. This commitment is also visible from the installation of wind power plants, which enable the company to self-generate clean and renewable energy as substantial part of its philosophy and the group’s Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition BKT has received for three years in a row the National Energy Conservation and Sustainability Award conferred by the Indian President to companies that distinguish by managing natural resources.

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