All this would not have been possible without the continuous dialog with end users and Original Equipment Manufacturers in addition to the support of our distribution partners.

It is you and your user experience that has been the drive and motivation for the several expansion stages of our tire business. For instance, after having gained foothold in several market segments in the late ‘90s, the transition from bias to radial tires was an essential step in capturing international markets. The introduction of our first radial tractor tire in 2004 was a great achievement. Farmers’ valuable feedback and the increasing performance needs of high-power tractors led to the development of IF technology and the launch of our high-end product AGRIMAX FORCE in 2007. It caused a boom in the farming segment fueled by a rapidly growing tire demand – thanks to you.

In the meantime, we had already set up a pilot plant for All Steel radials in the industrial and earthmoving tire segments. In 2008, we launched EARTHMAX, our first OTR All Steel radial tire – a milestone in BKT’s history. Many other specialist tires were introduced in the following years thanks to our extraordinarily short time to market.

In 2015, BKT’s fifth tire production site stretching over an area of today 325 acres was officially inaugurated in Bhuj – a strategic move that changed the game, since we could almost double our production output and will reach there around 140,000 tons a year at full capacity by 2025. Among many other facilities, this one-of-a-kind industrial complex includes an advanced R&D Center and a modern testing ground with 6 different testing tracks enabling the simulation of real conditions for continuous quality improvement.

Many other aspects are part of our company and our corporate philosophy, such as our commitment to mutual growth, our CSR initiatives, and our numerous sport sponsorships.

We love tires, just as you do.

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