Keep your lawn damage-free – with BKT’s Lawn & Garden series 1

Keep your lawn damage-free – with BKT’s Lawn & Garden series

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Where you're tending to your lawn and garden with a lawnmower or small tractor, it's essential that your chosen tires are designed with delicate lawn and soil in mind. That's why our BKT created our Lawn & Garden range; our lawn tires have been engineered to be both gentle on your lawn, whilst also being tough and puncture resitant.

When gardening, it is essential that the tires do not damage the growth of the grass or its look. In other words, gardening tires must be extremely delicate to the soil. This is exactly why BKT has developed the Lawn & Garden series of tires.

There are certain features you ought to look for when finding a tire for a specific Lawn and Garden tire: namely agility, strength, and precision. With these features, small tractors and lawnmowers will provide the best results.

Tires made for performing in the field

Among agricultural tires BKT’s Lawn & Garden range stands out mainly in their gentle approach. Additionally, these tires have a long life-cycle, excellent maneuverability, as well as high resistance to punctures. All these features are essential for small tractors and lawnmowers to perform excellent in the field.

Although lawn tractors are very rarely over-loaded, it is still essential for the tires to have high load capacity. Why is this so? The reason is that tires with higher load capacity are more resistant to punctures because their casing is thicker and stronger. This is particularly relevant if you use the lawn tractor in rough terrain with a lot of thorns, or if you use the tractor for other kinds of work than just mowing.

What pattern suits you better?

Every soil is different, every activity is different, so the best answer to this question is always: ask for consultancy to a tire expert. We’re here to help.

Generally speaking, though, BKT’s Lawn & Garden range provides different kinds of tread patterns thought to suit different situations.

Mixed-use turf tires: these tires are the most common among small tractors and lawnmowers. They feature a tread pattern, which creates traction on slippery grass, simultaneously as it prevents digging up and damaging the turf.

Check our LG 306, LG 307 and LG 408.

All-terrain tires: if you work in fields such as dirt, sand or mud, these tires make a good fit. The large tread blocks and deeper grooves provide traction in loose surfaces. They feature larger space between the blocks to remove debris from the tire.

Maybe our AT 119 is what you’re looking for?

Ribbed tires: the ribbed treads are primarily designed to roll easily and last a long time. This is indeed a pattern that is designed to provide lateral stability, and prevent the tractor from sliding sideways. It is also specially recommended in applications and usages where free rolling capabilities are more important than traction.

If this is the case check LG RIB and LG RIB PLUS.

Smooth tires: these are no-tread-pattern tires that suit perfectly mowers on a zero-turn. Smooth treads create indeed no friction between the tire and the grass and leave no mark. This is the identikit of our LG SMOOTH.

BKT’s team answers your questions about Lawn & Garden

Taking care of a garden can imply multiple activities and needs, and there are naturally many questions you face when you want to choose the right tire for your small tractor or lawnmower. Questions such as how you go about when changing garden tractor tires, or how to install garden tractor tires.

No question is wrong, BKT’s distributors and resellers are happy to assist you in the process and answer any question you may have about the Lawn & Garden series.

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