Made in BKT: Liftmax LM 81

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Today we talk about the brand new Liftmax LM 81 for the industrial and logistics sector - the perfect tire for forklifts. Let’s get to know it better!

Dear readers, just a month after the great event, let’s ask you an all-important question: Did you enjoy Bauma? This isn’t a commonplace, but we are really interested in your opinion since customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

So, we wish to know whether you found our stand captivating, if you liked our communication style, but above all, if you were just a little thrilled about our many novelties!

One of these is the brand new Liftmax LM 81 for the industrial and logistics sector - the perfect tire for forklifts. Let’s get to know it better!

BKT lives up to users’ expectations: comfort, durability and much more!

Taking part in Bauma is more than words can say! Finding yourself in the middle of the greatest international platform for vehicles and machinery in the earthmoving, construction, industrial and mining sectors stirs great emotions. Wherever you look, everything is BIG around you. In such an environment, it’s important to stay focused on your objectives. And that is exactly what BKT did, presenting a large number of novelties.

So back to Liftmax LM 81, which is brilliant for industrial and logistics applications. You may wonder which are the features making it the perfect tire in these sectors, and for forklifts in particular. The answer is: comfort, durability and operating cost savings. Let’s take a closer look into some technical details!

Liftmax LM 81 provides excellent driving comfort, especially over long distances - an essential feature for this kind of application – as well as exceptional stability even at high speed.

The strong and extremely sturdy All Steel casing structure ensures reduced rolling resistance that turns into lower operating costs and a longer tire life-cycle.

What else shall we say? Liftmax LM 81 has all the features a perfect tire for forklifts needs!

What do you think about that? Tell us your opinion!

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