Made in BKT: ROCK GRIP E4 (T) 1

Made in BKT: ROCK GRIP E4 (T)

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Rock Grip E4 (T) is BKT tire specifically engineered for tippers or on/off trucks engaged in the toughest transport or loading operations under extreme condition.

Dear readers, in our today’s post we are going to introduce you to another tire pattern out of our product range – the ideal tire for any job in quarries or mines. We are well aware of how critical and challenging tasks are in these environments with rocks, sharp stones or debris anywhere. This is the turn of a really tough player within BKT’s team.

What we are talking about, you ask? It’s Rock Grip E4 (T) - a tire, which has been specifically engineered for tippers or on/off trucks that are engaged in the toughest transport or loading operations under extreme condition. Let’s take a look at its distinctive features!

First of all comes reliability

In a team, you always need the one player you can rely on blindly. Among the BKT tires for transport and mining operations, this role has been reserved to Rock Grip E4 (T). This tire offers an incredible mix of advantages: strength, resistance, durability – and what is more, it has been specifically developed for heavy-duty service.

An overview of its particular features:

  • Deep tread. Thanks to its deep tread (E-4), Rock Grip E4 (T) provides excellent traction and is able to minimize the damages due to any possible impact, and rocks, in particular. The result is a much longer tire life even under the toughest conditions.
  • Heavy-duty service. As everyone knows, in quarries and mines it is essential to guarantee maximum strength and extraordinary robustness when transporting or handling heavy loads in full security. Rock Grip E4 (T) offers all these features, and is the ideal solution for your needs.
  • Resistance above all! The special tread compound has been developed to withstand cuts, abrasion, and punctures – typical risks in these environments that Rock Grip E4 (T) is able to face. But that’s not all. Even for short-haul operations on site, heat resistance is another essential requirement – and this tire is the response.

To recap, thanks to its great resistance features, strength, and reliability, Rock Grip E4 (T) has all the potential to equip your tippers or on/off trucks. Not bad, isn’t it? Tell us what you think about it!

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