Compactors engaged in different construction, infrastructure and industrial environments and applications work in very severe conditions. These vehicles require indeed tough tires which must be a perfect mix of stability, resistance, and extended life cycle.
In addition, it is essential that these products are able to dissipate heat caused by the temperature of the road surface during laying.
These are the key features that BKT focused on when developing its specialized range of tires for compactors, which includes:

  • PAC MASTER, a conventional tire made with a special compound and endowed with exceptional strength. This solution is available on the market in numerous sizes. 
  • PAC MASTER PLUS, characterized by a wider contact area to offer the vehicle even more stability. Available in two different sizes: 7.50 - 15 and 9.00 - 20.  
  • TR 387 is offered in various versions, including the "Dual Bead”, which is particularly suitable for industrial tractors thanks to its double bead.
  • TR 390 is available in the "Dual Bead HD“ version and “Dual Bead HD Special”, with a special double HD bead.  
  • TR 391, outstanding agro-industrial solution for both transport and compaction operations.

BKT high-performance tire range for compactors 2