Did you know that BKT’s digital content platform – BKT Network – has been completely renewed? With a brand new and exciting format, BKT now launches a new eight-episodes talk show called Global Trends. Here, you will learn all about the global mega trends in agriculture and what to expect from tomorrow.


BKT is aiming at the impossible: to cover all the major trends within agriculture in just eight episodes! What a journey this will be, from Soil Health to Women in Agriculture, from Climate Change to Marketing in Agriculture, and much more!

8 episodes, 32 international guests: journalists, professors, industry leaders, farmers. All experts in their field.

We are shaping the future now!

Drones, temperature sensors, data analysis – these are just some of the many tools that probably will shape the future of the sector. Sounds exciting, right?

So, watch now the very first episode of Global Trends, “Agriculture Technology and Smart Farming”!

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The first episode is indeed all dedicated to new technologies applied to agriculture. Four international guests will provide their original insight, giving you valuable information about innovative solutions for the future of agriculture.

Soon, perhaps data analyses will help you as a farmer to choose the right agricultural tire! Until then, no worries, BKT’s experts are here to assist you.

International dialogue – yes, please!

There are several and serious challenges ahead within agriculture, and the demand for efficiency in agriculture is rapidly increasing. Simultaneously, it is more important than ever to practice farming in a way that cares for our planet.

The goal of BKT’s brand new format Global Trends is to encourage international dialogue and exchange information, offering a current day look at the changes that affect global agriculture.

By sharing and receiving information, we show that we care for our common future. Because we do.


The next episodes will be:

Nov. 16, 2021: Agriculture Technology and Smart Farming - Click here to watch it!

Dec. 14, 2021: Soil Health - Save the date and don’t miss it!

Jan. 18, 2022: The Generation Shift - Save the date and don’t miss it!

Feb. 15, 2022: Women in Agriculture - Save the date and don’t miss it!

Mar. 15, 2022: Water Use

Apr. 19, 2022: Climate Change – Farming for Future

May 17, 2022: Organic Farming

June 14, 2022: Marketing in Agriculture


Curious about the agriculture of tomorrow? Watch BKT’s new digital Talk Show, Global Trends! 2