An important recognition won by BKT: it is the renewal of the prestigious Caterpillar SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Process) certification, a symbol of quality and efficiency. But BKT did not stop here, it also achieved a very significant upgrade: the certification, from Gold, has in fact become Platinum level for 2021.

The SQEP award is highly coveted and is given to CAT suppliers who stand out for their high levels of quality and process control.
In particular BKT was recognized for its unwavering and total commitment in terms of leadership, quality, service and customer support.
An orientation and a work philosophy that the BKT team from all over the world has embraced: only together can important goals be achieved.

However, BKT never rests: this certification and its upgrade are a strong stimulus to seek further improvements and to refine each mechanism.

"We are proud of this achievement," commented Mr. Arvind Poddar "but we will not stop here. We will try to continuously improve our standards and performance for our suppliers. BKT's journey is marked by continuous evolution."

BKT obtains Caterpillar's SQEP platinum certification 2