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Today we would like to tell you a little about our latest news: SPOTECH, an innovative device able to provide exact information on equipment position, by tracing it through satellite technology. It can be programmed and tailored to the application site volumes and type of equipment in use. By gathering this information, we can do kinetic motion analysis on the data to judge the performance of each piece of equipment. This enables a real study of tire usage by looking at the effect and impacts on the piece of equipment it is fitted on.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our products so they will perform better and last longer. These days product feedback doesn’t have to be limited to the subjective user experience. By analyzing comparative data, we can keep improving our products to the specific needs of each customer.

BKT Field Engineer Piero Torassa at work

BKT Field Engineer Piero Torassa at work

Now, you might be wondering, how does it work?

The device was originally designed for the field of OTR, where equipment generally performs repeated cycles. This makes it possible to assess the dumper’s strength by analyzing the weight that is transported, on average, and the distance in kilometers per hour. This is usually called the TKPH average, and basically, the lower the TKPH index, the more suited the tire is for that specific application. By interpreting the data, our BKT experts can perform corrective actions on the tires that are not functioning optimally.

At a port yard, on the other hand, you never have repeated cycles, which makes finding a constant value to measure much more complex. We have solved this by installing a GoPro cam on the equipment, that films the operator’s perspective. We synchronize this with the data about how many containers are on the move every hour, the average speed per hour, the average distance travelled with or without load, and so forth, recorded by the device.

This is very useful data for the users who want an objective understanding of their areas of improvement. We know this for a fact, because we have already cooperated with users who explicitly request our analyses, since other companies who offer this type of service are not able to provide the kind of feedback our users really need. We believe that the reason BKT can do it better is because we offer a real system with technology based on our corporate team’s expertise and experience with continuously aiming to improve the “equipment-tire”-combination.

The SPOTECH device gathers data than can be analyzed to improve the functionality of the tires

The SPOTECH device gathers data than can be analyzed to improve the functionality of the tires.