For our readers in agriculture, today, we are telling you something about one of our lead products: AgrimaxForce.

We from BKT know the needs of crop farmers: performing and resistant tires able to support heavy loads. All this with the least possible impact on the land. Sure, you all know that soil compaction can be a tricky problem in farming when trying to get the most out of the land.

Do you think you are asking too much? Not at all! That is exactly the need, BKT has engineered AgrimaxForce for the radial tire for high-powered tractors over 250 horsepower, which helps you safeguard your land. Let’s find out more!

Agrimax Force’s distinct feature is its construction: BKT has further developed the IF technology to create a tire which is able to support very heavy loads at a lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tire of the same size. This technology makes AgrimaxForce less aggressive on the terrain: the large footprint area distributes the weight on the land in a better and more homogeneous way. This enables you to work at low pressure without compacting the soil.

However, being performing and delicate at the same time is not enough. A tire must also feature resistance. For this reason, we have opted to build Agrimax Force with a polyester-made casing ensuring best traction and stability on any type of terrain, improving performance and maximizing the tire life.

What about you? Has anyone already tried AgrimaxForce? Tell us your experience.