Let’s turn our attention back to the Agrimax lineup. BKT designed this range of tires with the needs of our friends who work in agriculture in mind.

In fact, Agrimax Fortis was created in order to equip the most modern high-powered tractors that are used daily in the fields for transporting heavy loads as well as seeding, processing, working and treating the soil.

Special marks? Strong and delicate

Seems counterintuitive, right? But that’s the way the tire was built. Agrimax Fortis is a combination of strength, excellent performance, outstanding resistance and minimum soil compaction all in one. It is able to support and carry heavy loads at lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tire. A feature, when coupled with its wide tread footprint, allows for the even distribution of weight on the ground without damaging the soil.

But the Agrimax Fortis features are not limited to reduced soil compaction, of course. Let's see what else it offers:

  • Traction: the tread design and wide and deep lug pattern, provide excellent traction on any type of ground surface and improve handling;
  • Longer lasting: its tread depth and wear resistant compound prolong the life of the tire. Needless to say, the longer your tire lasts, the more productive and profitable your investment;
  • Driving comfort: an aspect we think shouldn’t be underestimated. The robust casing structure reduces vibrations and absorbs shocks and bumps operators are exposed to while driving on rough terrain, improving your ride, both on the road and in the fields. After working on a tractor every day, you know just how much your back is compromised on the job. By the way, you can find more tips on how to care for your back and improve your health in this article.
  • Saving fuel: Agrimax Fortis is also environmentally friendly. Low rolling resistance and excellent traction minimize tire slippage, reducing fuel consumption. Just think - a tire that is actually good for the environment as well as your wallet!

Still not convinced? Reach out to those who have already tried Agrimax Fortis. Find out what our customers think of it in this article.